Ai Giorgis Valsamitis

The church of St. George Valsamitis has a very interesting architecture style. Until the Byzantine period it was an autonomous monastery and then it became a part of Chozoviotissa church. The frescos on the walls were done in different periods and you will be able to admire the 18th century (or even earlier) wall paintings when you visit. The inhabitants of Amorgos and of all the surrounding islands can tell you how important the “oracle” –the water spring that flows from inside the temple- was for them. The faith in this “holy water” was absolute and almost no one did trading, had weddings, or went on trips unless they had consulted Ai Giorgis Valsamitis. As the locals say, the prophecies had come true thousands of times. In 1967, following a decision of the Metropolis of Thera, Amorgos and Islands, the access to the source was closed.

From the terrace of the courtyard you can enjoy view of the serene landscape. You can reach this place by car or by an old trail that starts from the church and leads to Katapola.