Ai Giannis Spiliotis

As its name indicates, the little church of Ai Giannis is located at the entrance of the Cave of Antiparos. It has given its name to the entire location, which is named ‘vounali tou Ai Gianni’ (=hillock of Ai Giannis) or ‘Agiogiannitiko vouno’ (=mountain of Ai Giannis). It connects internally with the smaller and older (350 years old) chapel of Zoodohos Pigi.

The chapel of Ai Giannis was renovated in 1714 by Neofytos Mavrommatis, the Metropolitan of Nafpaktos and Arta (in west-central / northwest mainland Greece) who also put together the icon of the Saint, which had been broken into two. This was the same Saint who had appeared to him in a dream and had cured him of a very grave illness.

On the eve of and day of Ai Giannis, on May 7th and 9th, a celebration is held with local delicacies and tsikoudia (traditional greek alcohol).


  • By car or bike: From the port of Antiparos. There is a paved road on the left from where the boat of Pounta stops.
  • By city bus: Near the square of Agia Marina, you will find the bus stop for the municipality bus. There are regular trips to the cave.
  • On foot: The walking routes are a magical experience. From Molo (port) you can reach the cave in approximately 1.5 hours. From the small village of Agios Georgios, hiking will last around 2.5 hours and it is ideal for the lovers of nature because of the amazing landscape. Also, this is the path that everyone took in the past when the weather did not allow transport by sea.
Ai Giannis Spiliotis, Antiparos